President: Mrs. Sophie Giroux
Vice President:  Mrs. Jean Royea
Past President:  M. Tom Enright

Office Coordinator:  Guylaine Tétreault
Treasurer: Sophie Giroux
Exec. Assist./Accounting: Amanda Tryhorn
Administrative assistant: Sarah Aiken


Board Of Directors 2017

(Directors are nominated for 4 years)

Year 4 of a 4 year term

Greg Needham
Sophie Giroux
Jean Royea
Gaylon Davis

Year 3 of a 4 year term

Caleb Anderson
Tom Frizzle
Shannon McGovern
Luc Larochelle

Year 2 of a 4 year term

Karen Crandall Allnutt
Bob Soles
Steven Beerwort
Lee Patterson

Year 1 of a 4 year term

Paul Santerre
Jeff Lavigne
Gloria Robinson
Barrie Paige