Bilingual Educational Videos

We proud to finally present the first of our series of bilingual educational videos. We are so lucky to have local producers willing to participate in this exciting project.

Domaine Vignoble Bresee

Richard Bresee, from Vignoble Domaine Bresee, lets us visit his winery and taste some wine

Cristian Roy – Certified Farrier

Christian Roy, a ferrier, shows us how to put horseshoes on horses


Watch as our team visits the Frizzle farm, and discovers where milk comes from and how to make cows dance.

Johanne Longtin M.D.

The Ingalls Farm

Ferme Api-MD of Potton

Here it is, some insight into the life of a beekeeper thanks to Ferme Api-MD of Potton. Be sure to sample some of their honey yourself at Brome Fair this year!

Brome Fair 2014